I Help Aspiring Achievers To Break Through Their Self-Limiting Patterns So That They Can Powerfully Impact The Actions That Shape Their Destiny! 
You Must make Differently Today!...
You Want To Have The Greatest Possible Impact In Your World But First You MUST Identify And Eliminate What Stops You!  
NOW... You Can Finally Live Your Life At A Standard That You Both Desire And Deserve! 
Pattern Breaker; Impact Maker; Destiny Shaper.
I Help Aspiring Achievers To Break Through Their Self-Limiting
 Patterns So That They Can Powerfully Impact
 The Actions That Shape Their Destiny!
You Must Make Differently Today!
So That You Can Finally Live Your Life At A Standard That You Desire And Deserve! 
You Want To Have The Greatest Possible Impact In Your  World. But First You MUST Identify And Eliminate What Stops You!  
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For the Past 27 years I have been searching for
the answer to the questions, "What Stops People? What Gets In The Way Of Them Taking Clear, Focused And Consistent  Action Towards Living Their Lives At A Standard They Both Desire And Deserve?"    

With over 65 000 hours of individual coaching with people from all walks of life, from princesses to paupers, CEO’s to drug addicts, olympic athletes to the obese, I began to notice very distinct patterns between people who... 
  •  Consistently and seamlessly live their lives at ever evolving higher standards AND
  •  People who desperately want to live out their dreams but are devastated by disempowering emotions, self-defeating behaviours, low self-worth, limiting beliefs or values conflicts. 
  • ​  Courageously march towards bigger, bolder and more focused action in life AND
  •  People who are frozen by their their fears, unclear of which direction to take, unfocused in their actions, struggle with bad habits and engage in unproductive daily routines.  

These patterns were SO distinct that I built a framework around what I learned which I call “The PEAK Performance Life Coaching and Training Blueprint.”

The first step on your journey to answering all your own life-changing questions is to gain ABSOLUTE clarity of where you are today and where you want your life to be. 

You can start TODAY by downloading your FREE Life Vision Playbook below!

I wanted to be exceptional in every way. But behind those winners eyes, there was something missing and deeply troubling! 
For almost a decade and a half,  I used exercise to help me overcome my childhood depression and feelings of low self-worth.

But when the workout was done, when the rush had subsided, the dark cloud returned. In those dark moments, I couldn’t get myself to do the things I needed to do to level up the rest of my life. I was failing in every sense of the word. 

I decided I HAD to find out what was stopping me, what was getting in my way. In fact, for the next 2 decades I became obsessed with finding the answer to that question. I studied, followed, read, joined, attended everything I could get my hands on to find answers. 

Not only did I find my own answers, I was able to help hundreds of others to find their answers too....
It is time to reevaluate your life from a brand new perspective. 
What Could You DO Differently TODAY To Immediately Break Through What Is Holding You Back And Start Moving Your Life Forward Again? 

Start Your Journey Here By Gaining Absolute Clarity Of Where Your Life Is Now And What Your Vision Is For The Future!
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Meet Some Extraordinary People!
"Princess Charlene Of Monaco greatly appreciates the work you have done for her!"
-Sarah Leonard
"I went through a major transition in 2016 and Michael helped me through every step of the way!"
-Jenni Rivett
Celebrity Trainer And Former Trainer Of Princess Diana
"Michael gave me the tools to unlock my mind and shake the beliefs I had about myself! The only way is up!" 
-Tania Desmarais
Sales Consultant
"With his gentle, persevering nature and great knowledge of the human psyche, Michael helped me to face the fears that had been holding me back so I could take back control of my life!
-Tracey Farrow
Spa Owner
"Michael has helped me to stay at the top of my game both as an Elite Triathlete and as a Coach!"
-Dominique Donner Elite Triathlete And Coach
"I had been to see so many other professionals to help me with my challenge so I did not hold much hope...that hour I spent with you changed everything!" 
-Dylan Sommerville
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